Born and raised in Germany, Patrick started his career at Siemens in Germany. Projects involved biometric and RFID security access systems for industrial automation facilities and high security areas.

Soon the focus shifted to case studies on future programming languages to advice on “best-practice” methods when developing applications.

In 2008, Patrick left Germany to work all around the world starting in Switzerland and soon the UK, US and Asia.

As a business development and implementation consultant, he then worked for different companies in the past years. He has been active in the anti-piracy movement for more than 10 years now.

Aside from this, he works with several charities in different countries around the globe.

Some of his latest technology projects include:

of a database application
for law firms

of the sub-project
“File Sharing Monitor”

development Simatic
Logon drivers

Development of a global study on country-specific Software localization and creation of Development Guidelines


Companies he has worked for:


Anheuser Busch dkfz landert motoren ag
matrix42 mercedes-benz Morphosys
one it roche Siemens Automation and Drive
Siemens Power Südzucker AG swisscom
toll collect (1) apmc G
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