Cannes 2016 Opening Day

So many stars have already invaded the red carpet event and later into the night, the Cannes Film Festival has thrown them and the rest of the festival attendees a “Welcome Party”. This is the first time the invitation-only festival did this and it seemed like a good idea to get the minds of participants off the fear of terror attacks. It was actually a lovely gesture from everyone at Cannes.

The first day was amazing and better than expected. Although the schedule has not had that many meetings, it got super busy. In the picture with me is Sean O’Kelly, CEO of Carnaby International Sales and Distribution on their yacht which is very impressive. Sean is also looking for opportunities to gain from this prestigious event like all other guests and visitors, me included. His film company is based in the UK and they specialise in worldwide sales of award-winning feature films and documentaries. He has years of experience in finance and production, aside from film and TV sales distribution. His credits include Margin Call which was nominated for an Oscar and Iron Sky, the award winning film that he sold worldwide.

2016 Cannes Film Festival

Me and Sean O’Kelly at the back, giving peace sign at Cannes Day 1

The busy venue during the festival's opening

The busy venue during the festival’s opening

Overall, I am excited to seize chances laid in front of me at this festive moment. I am positive that great things are still to come.