Christmas With The New Alchemy Family

As an employer and employee, you see Christmas parties in two ways: something you have to do or something you want to do.

And the party you attended or throw shows what you believe is true.

We’ve been to both kinds. We’ve had lots of good food, and we’ve had the bad food. Some of us show up in jeans and casual wear, and some of us show up in slacks and formal wear. We’ve attended exciting Christmas parties and not to mention the bad ones, where employers’ teeth are grinding as they watch their employees pile up their plates with food that they felt they were forced to buy.

I don’t want to delve on the bad ones though, but I’d rather talk about the best Christmas Party I’ve ever attended to, hoping that employers will give a second thought on spending some amount of money on Christmas Party just to see their employees having a blast of their lifetime, about the employers who are not minding the time that got wasted just to exchange stories, experiences, and adventures with their employees or not minding meeting the neophytes and get to know them more.

Just days ago, employees, management heads, and bosses of New Alchemy Ltd., met up in Suncourt Poolside Bar for our annual Christmas party. Everyone were very excited with the said event and some are too excited to take a dip in the pool.

The party started with a series of speeches from the CEO himself, Mr. Patrick Achache and the company’s Managing Director, Miss Anna Reiter. They thanked all employees for their hard work and effort that they invested for the past 11 months in doing their jobs.

Then it was followed by a great meal that was shared by everyone. Throughout the whole meal everyone were entertained by various intermission numbers done by the talented employees and were also serenade by a special participation of the Managing Director herself.

After a great meal with lots of performances that everyone enjoyed, here comes what everyone has been anticipating for, the gift exchange. The CEO himself thought that we could spice up the party with a little holiday karaoke, so we rented 2 of the biggest rooms in a Karaoke Hub just floors down from the event place.

After the frivolity and entertainment, Boss Patrick gave out a touching and heartfelt thank you to all employees and management staff for all the efforts, hard work and time they invested in the company. And by this, the Trademark Team Heads gave out good news to all outstanding people in the team.

So, by next year, if you want to throw in a Christmas Party, be the employer who wants to do it, who wants to show appreciation to his employees, and be the employer who wants to make his employees happy and feel appreciated for their hard work that they gave in the last 11 months. Remember, if you give a little extra in December, then your employees will also give a little extra in the next 11 months.

Because I’ll tell you, nobody wants to work with the Gremlins.
And nobody wants to work for The Grinch himself.