Feeding Activity with Demolition Evacuees in PH

Before I left the Philippines to attend the 2016 Cannes Film Festival, I and some New Alchemy Limited employees organized a feeding program for the kids and the elderly in Alumnos, a barangay in Cebu that recently went through demolition. Aside from the feeding activity, the event was filled with giving of toys, mini pool installation – which was so much fun until the inflatable pool couldn’t handle the kids anymore – and distribution of relief goods for the families.

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The Filipinos have a special place in my heart that I make it a routine to give back to underprivileged communities every time I visit this tropical haven. When it’s time to leave, I carry their smiles back to some first world country I run off to that probably has never had to struggle to find food to eat.

I am proud of how 2016 is going so far with all the successful activities, like feeding programs, that I got to complete with my friends. I hope that I get to share more for the Philippines and be a blessing to its loving people.