Hong Kong Autumn 2014

Central Hong Kong – All HK protests started on Sept. 26, 2014 when students gathered in a courtyard demanding an end to China’s control and oppression. Then students protested in the streets and in the days that followed, more people of Hong Kong joined them. They call it the umbrella revolution. It is a civil disobedience movement that calls on protesters to paralyse the financial district of Hong Kong. The students and people were sending a message to China that they are over the Chinese regime. They want democracy.


Hong Kong belonged to the United Kingdom for more than 150 years. In 1997, when Britain handed Hong Kong back to China, they had a political deal called “One Country, Two Systems“. This deal allowed the booming metropolis to maintain some of the independence and freedom that Chinese people in the mainland do not have. These freedoms include:

· freedom of the press

· the right to assemble

· allowed to elect their own leader in 2017

However, China announced that Hong Kong elections could only move forward if the Chinese government selected all the candidates. So, this translates to the people of Hong Kong that they would not have much control over their own government after all.

In October 25, 2014 the anti-occupy protesters flooded the streets to oppose actions of pro-democracy groups in Hong Kong. These HK protesters are the group that opposes the massive, on-going demonstrations for democracy in the semi-autonomous Chinese region.

Hong Kong Autumn 2014

Hong Kong Autumn 2014